EigenChem Technologies Inc.  specializes in the synthesis of organic chemicals for life science, chemical, cosmetic, and related industries. We have skills at performing complex, multi-step synthesis and delivering solutions for one-of-a-kind chemistry-related problems. We also have experience in manufacturing and analytical testing of cGMP grade compounds for clinical and commercial applications.



  • Synthesis of known and novel chemicals
  • Research, development, and optimization of synthetic routes for novel compounds

Multi-scale Manufacturing

Flexibility in production scale from initial gram quantities to commercial levels of hundreds of kilograms

cGMP Manufacturing

EigenChem Technologies has capabilities for production of compounds under cGMP guidelines, develop, qualify, and validate analytical methods for product quality control. We have experience, facilities, and personnel to support the development and scale-up of small molecule Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API)



  • Development and validation of analytical methods
  • Assistance with Product Specification development

Analytical Support

  • Design and synthesis of biologically active compounds, drug candidates, cosmetic ingredients, and dietary supplements
  • Extraction of natural compounds